Shelby Freeburn

Massage Therapy
2200 hours-insurance claimable

Shelby’s athletic background revolved around playing competitive volleyball and western discipline horseback riding and husbandry; very few moments growing up weren't either spent on a court or on the back of a horse. Her passion for her sports transpired into a love for weight training in the off season, later driving her to attain her personal training accreditation. She trains with a strong focus on functional movement and optimal form to gain strength in both sport and everyday life, and is now driven towards the manual treatment of musculoskeletal injuries for her clients.

Shelby’s goal is now aimed to provide a more intentional rehabilitative and therapeutic approach to movement and health. She takes a special interest in neuromuscular therapy techniques, soft tissue release and incorporating movement and stretching into her practice. She intends on furthering her education in the areas of facial stretch therapy and osteotherapy.

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