Gait Analysis Calgary

Walking gait analysis is a way for us to determine any abnormalities in your gait which may be leading to your chronic pain. We look at how the foot is contacting the ground and how your knees and hips react to this contact.

Prior to having your gait assessed you will be asked about your current walking and activity habits and what your goals are. You will also be given a brief functional movement screen a s needed (i.e squatting pattern and joint range of motion tests).

How is the analysis done?

You will be filmed walking on a treadmill from the back and the front. We will go over what we are seeing in the video in slow motion. You will then get a personalized exercise routine developed based on the findings of the analysis, along with any other recommendations.

Your exercise routine will be recorded and saved in a folder we create on your phone for easy reference. The whole process will take 45 – 60 mins.

Once you leave your appointment you will receive a full write up with observations, recommendations and treatment plan 2-3 days following your appointment.

The amount of time in between treatments can vary greatly depending on your levels of discomfort or pain. After entering the second trimester, we tend to recommend monthly treatments to alleviate symptoms, and slightly ramping that up to bimonthly sessions as you approach your due date.

Looking to get a gait analysis done?

Having a proper walking stride is important in your daily processes.  Feel free to either book an appointment or contact us at 403-764-1400 and if you’re interested in getting your gait analyzed.

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