Sports Massage Calgary

Treatment for individuals at all levels of athletic performance.

Reduces discomfort of training: Massage increases circulatory function. This helps speed up removal of waste, to relieve muscle pain, spasm, stiffness and fatigue.

Speeds recovery post training: Allows increased quality, quantity and efficiency of training.

Injury prevention: relieves tension in muscles and tendons reducing overuse injury.

Enhances recovery after Injury: Massage aids in the healing process by increasing range of motion and encouraging the muscle to heal properly, function properly and maximize efficiency.

Allows you to stay in the game longer: Enjoy your chosen physical activities while experiencing fewer injuries and achieving higher level of performance.

Are You Looking For Sports Massage in Calgary?

Sports massage is a terrific avenue for athletes to take in regards to injury, recovery, and preparation. Let us know if you’re interested in moving forward by booking an appointment or contacting us at 403-764-1400 or

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