Prenatal Massage Calgary

Prenatal massage is the answer to the soreness that ails women as they go through their pregnancy. Sore muscles and swollen joints are common ailments that affect every soon-to-be mother, but they can be reduced through proper massage techniques employed by our manual therapy experts.

At Calgary Muscle and Soft Tissue Clinic, we have staff that are well-versed in the area of prenatal massage. We can provide relief for some of the uncomfortable and oft-times painful symptoms that are the direct results of carrying a child for the greater part of a year. If you would like more information on how you can learn more, contact us at 403-764-1400.

Is Prenatal Massage Safe

Before you decide on booking a prenatal massage, you should first consult your practitioner to get the green light. It is particularly important if you suffer from preeclampsia, fever, abdominal pain, morning sickness, or diabetes as these can further complicate how massage will affect your body. It’s important to let your massage therapist know that you are pregnant.

Prenatal massage is not recommended in the first trimester. Once again, consult with your doctor before seeking a massage.

Once your practitioner has given you the go ahead to start receiving massages, the best decision you can make is to find a trained prenatal massage therapist. Any massage therapist can theoretically treat you, but it’s wise to find a specialist that has the knowledge of your changing anatomy to treat your body properly.

How Often Should You Seek Out A Prenatal Massage?

The amount of time in between treatments can vary greatly depending on your levels of discomfort or pain. After entering the second trimester, we tend to recommend monthly treatments to alleviate symptoms, and slightly ramping that up to bimonthly sessions as you approach your due date.

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

Hormonal Balance

The benefits of massage on a pregnant person’s hormonal regulation can be significant. Prenatal massage has been shown to reduce the amount of stress hormones – namely norepinephrine and cortisol – while increasing dopamine and serotonin production in the brain.

Pregnancy Insomnia

Sleep can be hard to come by, especially during the third trimester. Whether it’s discomfort from poor positioning, joint and muscle pain from childbearing, or other factors, getting a good night of rest is difficult. As part of your prenatal routine, massage can help to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that is keeping you up at night.

Reduction of swelling and nerve pain

Edema, or swelling, is commonly associated with pregnancy, and for good reason. The body is dealing with reduced circulation combined with increased pressure on the major blood pathways by the uterus. All of that pressure spreads to nearby nerves in the lower torso and upper leg region.

Prenatal massage can help to reduce inflammation and pressure by releasing the tension in the neighbouring muscles. Massage has been shown to greatly reduce sciatic nerve pain in many pregnancy cases.

Reduction in joint, neck, and back pain

Some form of joint, neck or back pain is par for the course in almost all pregnancies, albeit to a different degree depending on the case. Back pain alone has been shown to be experienced in anywhere from 50%-70% of pregnancies. Manual therapy is an integral component in helping to relax the muscles and soft tissue around pain points to increase your quality of life.

Is Prenatal Massage Right For You?

  • Prenatal massage in Calgary is one of our specialties, and we have a number of qualified specialists on hand to address your questions and concerns. Feel free to either book an appointment or contact us at 403-764-1400 and

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