Sarah Gerrard

Massage Therapy
2200 hours – insurance claimable

Sarah is experienced in therapeutic, deep tissue, cupping, and Swedish massage. Her interest in weightlifting and sports allow her to have first-hand experience and knowledge of appropriate strengthening and stretching exercises to improve a wide variety of conditions/injuries, as well as help prevent injuries.

She initially gained an interest in the health care field after multiple MVA’s over the past 11 years that resulted in chronic back/neck pain and SI joint dysfunction. She has also suffered a partial knee dislocation, followed by severe tendonitis. All of which have been carefully treated with massage therapy, chiropractic care, physiotherapy and continual self-care at the gym. This allows her to directly relate to various patients that walk through the door. Her goal is to always improve each patient’s pain or discomfort with every treatment and have open communication on treatment success.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys being at the gym, curling, golfing, hiking, traveling and listening to true crime podcasts.

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