Phil Beaton

Massage Therapy
2200 hours – insurance claimable

Phil has been helping individuals with their aches and pains as a member of CMSTC since June of 2018. A graduate of Mount Royal Universities Massage program Phil has had additional training in the Cyriax method of Orthopaedic Medicine. Phil works on the premise that all pain has a source. He believes that it is incumbent for therapists to identify the source of that pain and apply an intervention that will effectively treat the source.

Phil cares deeply for the well-being of all his clients and works diligently to empower them ensuring the fastest road to recovery. His treatment plans are comprehensive, drawing from the best techniques in the evolving world of massage & complementary medicine. Phil is motivated by helping others and loves a challenge. Some conditions he has worked extensively with include: headache/migraine, whiplash, tendonitis, postural dysfunction, and dystonia.

Outside of his passion for massage, Phil finds joy in nature, his morning coffee, his girlfriend and his giant dog. Phil can’t wait to meet you!

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