TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Therapy and Jaw Pain Treatment in SW Calgary

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a common pain point for clients in and around Calgary, yet finding a useful treatment for that pain can be difficult. At the Calgary Muscle and Soft Tissue Clinic, we offer TMJ therapy to those clients that are having issues with their jaws, painful chewing, headaches, or upper cervical pain.

What Is The Root Cause For TMJ Disorder?

There is no specific answer for what it is that causes the disruption in the TMJ. Habits play a part in some cases, but it can come down to genetics, grinding your teeth at night, poor posture, past injuries, arthritis, etc.

The pain is a direct result of stress on the joint, which can cause jaw pain along with irritation and swelling.

How Does CMSTC Address TMJ Disorder?

Our TMJ Disorder specialist will sit down with each client to address the root cause of their jaw pain – is it a structural or habitual issual occurrence – along with the specific area of the pain, whether that is directly in the joint, or the associated mandibular muscles. We may even get in contact with your dentist so as to better plan out a treatment path to find and fix your jaw pain issues.

A large part of our treatment process is creating a program for our clients to follow which includes techniques to normalize jaw movement as a habit, as well as stretches, muscle relaxation techniques, and recommendations to other applicable treatment options such as physiotherapy or NUCCA treatment.

Is It Time To Look At TMJ Therapy?

Quality TMJ therapy can be difficult to find in Calgary. We have experts on hand that are incredibly capable to handle your jaw needs. Feel free to either book an appointment or contact us at 403-764-1400 and

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