Zenan Sherbaniuk

Massage Therapy
BKin, 2200 hours – insurance claimable

Born and raised just outside of Camrose, Alberta, Zenan played amultitude of sports growing up including hockey, basketball, baseball, badminton, and golf. His passion for sports took him to University of Calgary. There he completed a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology in 2017, playing on the University’s baseball team for his first year, before focusing solely on his academics.

Still looking to further his education while finding a career where he could make a difference in people’s health, Zenan started the Massage Therapy program and MacEwan University in 2018, graduating in June of2020.Zenan has an interest in fascial chains, repetitive use injuries, and postural deficiencies. His treatment focuses on trigger point work, deep tissue, myofascial release, and scar tissue breakdown. As a former high-level baseball player, he has a passion for shoulder and elbow injuries, as well as a focus on fascial injuries in both the hands and the feet.

In his free time, Zenan can be found hiking in the mountains, biking by the river, or golfing.

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