Dr.Trevor Hillard, DC

Upper Cervical Focus

Dr. Hillard was initially attracted to healthcare after searching for answers to a chronic illness he faced as a child. Later in life he found the NUCCA procedure which helped him with headaches, and he found a calling to help others suffering in this way. In focusing his practice on this procedure Dr. Hillard primarily works with disorders related to the posture and the head and neck. Accidents and injuries can stress this area causing breakdown in posture, and symptoms such as: headaches, neck pain, and dizziness. Dr. Hillard is fully trained in NUCCA, a gentle and effective procedure which can alleviate these conditions, and help return posture to balance.

Because Dr. Hillard’s personal experience with NUCCA care, he went on to the University of Lethbridge to earn his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. The next step in the pursuit of his dream took him to Davenport, Iowa; the birthplace of Chiropractic, where he attended Palmer College. Upon receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic he returned to his hometown of Calgary to begin practice. In addition to this Dr. Hillard is a NUCCA Part III certification candidate. Dr. Hillard is proud to have had the opportunity to present at the bi-annual NUCCA conference on integrating the use of advanced imaging of the cervical spine with the NUCCA procedure.

When not working to fix necks and posture Dr. Hillard is often found tinkering on a project. Dr. Hillard finds it rewarding to fix broken things; typically old cars. Dr. Hillard’s wife is very tolerant of his long list of projects, but is often able to pull him away from them for a day of hiking in the mountains, or biking through the pathways of Calgary. They are now joined on their adventures by their daughter Astrid!

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